Indian lentil soup with coconut milk

In my last post, I mentioned that we are doing a meat and sugar free month. We did this once last year, but beside meat and sugar, we also gave up alcohol for a month. The first few days were Ok, but… Read More

Another cheese and another recipe. This one a little more fancy, but I think perfect as a starter, or a little snack. Today on the list- Parmesan! I think if I had to choose, I’d say it’s my favourite cheese, along with… Read More

Another one of very easy and simple dinner ideas. If you’re a feta cheese fan this recipe is for you! It’s one of those things I always have in my fridge. Normally I’d add it to a salad, if it won’t disappear… Read More

Blogger Recognition Award

So a few things happened lately. For one I tried my skills at making a cranberry sauce, which almost blew in my face (note to self- put the lid where you can actually see it! And reading a book while cooking-what were… Read More

Carrot cream soup with gorgonzola cream

The new year started and with it also a new week. And along with it my holiday is going to an end. It is probably the first time I really did nothing during that time. Ah the blissfulness of doing nothing.

Stir fried beef with cashew nuts

Since the middle of October, all I stumble upon is the reminder that Christmas is coming. The christmas markets will open today, and on some cooking blogs one can already feel the holiday spirit. Well, I’m not done with Autumn yet!

Chicken pot with peas

As the Autumn starts getting greyer, instead of beautifully colourful, many of my friends complain about the chill weather, shorter days and the fact that winter is coming.

Ratatouille on a bean paste

We didn’t do anything fancy culinary wise for a while. Either we ate something at work and skipped the cooking for the evening, or we just went out. But at some point your wallet just doesn’t share your enthusiasm.

Grilled chicken with papaya avocado salad

The BBQ season is in full mode, and I think there is no weekend when we don’t smell something nice roasting slowly on the grill, coming either from our neighbours or when we walk by the river where people bring their own… Read More

Pork shoulder with broad beans

Yes, it has been a while, but no, I didn’t give up. I’m still cooking, taking pictures, and wave my hands funnily when I think of the next menu (or food in general). And that did happen often enough the last few… Read More