Now that Christmas is over, it’s on to New Year’s Eve. It’s still 3 days left until then, but occasionally one can already hear firecrackers fired outside. Reminding that it’s time to decide how one wants to spend this evening. We decided to spend this New Year’s Eve with only few people, and I already know I’ll serve something lighter. Read More

I have showed you an idea for a festive Christmas dinner, and today I’m going one step further, to show you something for the dessert. In my family, since I can remember, we used one ingredient which had to be included in all, or at least most, sweet things during Christmas. It’s poppy seeds. Read More

The first snow fell and the world starts looking like a winter wonderland again. We really enjoy this time of the year. Everything look so beautiful, well, at least as long as there is snow, and one can observe the first preparations for christmas. We already visited one christmas market and enjoyed hot glühwein with our friends. Read More

Do you know it’s 4 weeks until christmas? Time flies, I tell you that. In September I was a little bit annoyed seeing all the christmas decoration on the shop shelves, as I thought it was too early. But now, end of November, I’d say it’s about time to start baking gingerbread cookies. I, traditionally now, started with these chocolate cookies, and although I’ve already made several batches, there is not much left to munch on. Read More

Over the years of cooking and tasting new things and flavours, my list of favourite dishes is steadily evolving. One thing however didn’t change. And it’s the love for this soup. It was my favourite when I was a kid, and it didn’t change ever since. My mum used to make it from time to time, and it was the real highlight for me everytime we had it on the table. Read More

4The weather outside seems to be THE topic these days. It’s grey, rainy, windy and everyone is expecting snow. And it should fall soon. When I started wearing my wellingtons around beginning of October during the rainy days I was met with rather amused faces. Well, nobody is laughing now.

Coming home and deciding what to cook, our thoughts fall mostly on comfort food, something quick and warm. Read More

I’ve been meaning to bake brownies for some time now. And this week offers perfect opportunity to do so, since we have two days off during the week, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’m not as lucky as most of my colleagues to have holidays the whole week, and working on Monday felt like in a post apocalyptic world a little bit. Read More

Autumn is the time when the world becomes a little bit more colourful and one appreciates the sunny days. But also everyone’s preparing for the winter, digging up scarves and sweaters,making jams, preserves, brushing up old recipes for soups and what not. One of those Autumn recipes is this german onion cake. Read More

You know, I actually wanted to show you few more Oktoberfest recipes, but a fried chicken is pretty straight forward and Sauerbraten, which literally translates into sour roast, takes about a week to prepare. Well, bad planning on my side, but I’d blame it on beer. So instead I prepared something that takes max 30min to prepare and still has that bavarian flair, Read More

It’s that time of the year again- the biggest and most famous beer festival in the world has already begun. Contrary to its name Oktoberfest starts the last two weeks in September and ends in the first week of October. If you’re looking for some fancy explanation as to why, the reason is simple and quite down to earth. It’s simply because of the weather. The days are longer and not as rainy in Semptember, so the fest was moved due to better weather conditions.

But this little detail doesn’t stop or decieve the milions of people who come to the festival every year. The Oktoberfest if definitely something worth seeing, people dressed in dirndl and lederhosen, big festive tents, the weitresses carrying huge beer mugs and the festive atmosphere spread through the city.

But since not everyone has the chance to visit, why not organise your own small Oktoberfest at home with friends? Sure it would be smaller, but you will get better chances of getting a table, which is not always the case at the Oktoberfest.

Except beer of course you would need some typical bavarian food. From roasted chicken to roasted pork leg, knödel, hearty soups and salads- Oktoberfest offers a wide range of bavarian food. So before I show you something else, good and proper, I thought I’ll start with a classic Obatzda, which is, simply put, a cheese spread. This is something you can easily find in any beer garden, served with a roll or with breze. And it’s of course also served at the Oktoberfest.

This recipe makes a small 200ml glas of Obatzda, which, depending on how big the bread slices are, is enough for 5-6 slices. If you want more, simple double the ingredients. You can keep it in the fridge 3-4 days.

125g camembert, mature

15g soft butter

50g cream cheese

20g onion

fresh chives or spring onions

salt and pepper

1 tsp sweet paprika powder

2 tbsp milk or beer

Cut the white crust off the cheese, and cut the cheese in to small cubes. Place it all in a bowl and mash it with a fork. Add the butter and cream cheese and combine everything together. Peel the onion and chop it finely, then add to the cheese. Mix it well, and season with salt and pepper and sweet paprika. Add a little bit of milk, or beer, to make it creamier. Serve sprinkles with chives or spring onions.

The Obazda won’t have smooth consistency, but that is just as it should be.obazda_8wsObazda_12ws