Month: February 2016

Chicken in hot mustard sauce

Going through my previous recipes I notied I used a lot of different spices, herbs and articles available, if not general in supermarkets, then in asian stores. I have to admit I didn’t really think much of it, since these are the… Read More

Salmon with tomatoes in coconut sauce

We all dream about things. Some small, some a little bit bigger. For me, I’ve always wanted to have my own little garden, to grow chive, peas and zucchinis. I find growing my own little produce fascinating, even though sometimes I suck… Read More

Zucchini soup with potato croûtons

Let’s talk about zucchinis. Although its season is between June and October you can see them in the shops all year round. I have to admit, it’s one of the vegetables I always have in my fridge.

Chicken with walnuts and pomegranate

Valentine’s day is only few days away. Not that you would miss it, with the deluge of heart-themed decorations far and wide. However opposed you may be to this overly commercialised holiday, you can bet on your loved one appreciating a romantic… Read More

Gnocchi with radicchio and ricotta sauce

Sometime during the past week we decided it would be good to clean the appartment. We thought about sorting out our closets, washing the windows, bringing some things to the basement, and some other spring cleaning stuff. Well, we thought if we… Read More

Wasabi potatoes to pimp up your dinner

January is over. Well, it’s nothing. Except for some it’s the end of their resolutions. And how about yours? My happiness jar is consequently getting fuller and other promises I made to myself are also, laboriously, kept. And yet I found one… Read More