Month: January 2016

Minestrone, inspired by Jamie Oliver’s 15 minutes

I don’t watch cooking shows very often. They always make me so hungry and a little bit jealous of how perfect and organised it all looks on the screen. Of course I’m aware of the many takes and hours it all requires,… Read More

Vegan cauliflower burger

I have been thinking about vegan burgers for a while now. I think mostly because lately I’ve seen such beautiful cauliflowers in the shop and was looking for an excuse to buy it. Well, and so I bought it. I also bought… Read More

Leeks and carrots pot

I like to cook. I think by now I stressed it enough. Sometimes, when I feel especially adventurous I would experiment in the kichen with whatever I have in the fridge. Other times I would reach for some old cookbook or a… Read More

Honey sesame chicken

A little chaos arrived to my kitchen lately. Something about not being able to get the right ingredients from the shops or something. Well, it does happen sometimes. It resulted in turning the menu a little bit upside down and checking in… Read More

Breton Beans, my choice for a cold winter evening!

It was cold, dark and late when it started to snow. Nothing spectacular, at first. You wouldn’t know the first flakes from some white dust in the air. We stayed up and watched, hoping the real winter with lots of snow is… Read More

Brussels sprouts curry!

I like to experiment in the kitchen. Always have. Mixing the ingredients with only the idea of what may come up. Most of the times it’s something good, with very inviting smell, forcing my stomach to grumble. Sometimes..

Dinner in 15 min!

You probably know the feeling, when you’re immersed in something to the degree that you forget about the whole world out there. And there is nothing wrong with that. The trouble begins once you get back to reality, and realise that you’re… Read More

Chocolate cake

I don’t bake cakes very often. Somehow I got it in my mind that it’s not really my strength. I think it happened after I tried one yogurth cake which, after endless attempts, was still far from being well baked. Well, we… Read More

Let’s talk about pasta!

Pasta! Whether fussili, conchiglioni, penne, tagliatelle or spaghetti, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like it. I heard once an opinion that it’s an italian fast food, and true to that, it doesn’t take long to cook. It also comes in multiple… Read More

Sweet potatoes pancakes

So, the January came. Happened only few days ago, but I already get the feeling it will pass by pretty fast. Luckily for us it started as painlessly as it gets. Getting back to reality after the break, on the other hand,… Read More