Leeks and carrots pot

I like to cook. I think by now I stressed it enough. Sometimes, when I feel especially adventurous I would experiment in the kichen with whatever I have in the fridge. Other times I would reach for some old cookbook or a magazine, where the pictures are just too good and even looking at it would make my stomach grumble. But there is one thing no cookbook or magazine will tell you: Continue reading

Dinner in 15 min!

lachs ragout6You probably know the feeling, when you’re immersed in something to the degree that you forget about the whole world out there. And there is nothing wrong with that. The trouble begins once you get back to reality, and realise that you’re not just hungry – you’re starving! Ordering some food seems to take ages then, and even frozen pizza lasts forever until they are done! Toasts seem like a valid option. But if you want something more, then this is something for you! This ragout can be prepared with either salmon, as I did, or chicken.

Serves 4 and takes ca 15min. You need:

600g salmon

500g pasta (tagliatelle or spaghetti)

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 onion

5-6 big champignions

1 tbsp butter

150g tomatoes (fresh or from a can)

1 tbsp honey or sugar

150g crème fraîche or cream

salt and pepper

fresh basil to garnish lach ragout1Skin the salmon, wash and cut into ca 3cm big cubes. Sprinkle with lemon juice. In the meantime, boil the water for pasta and prepare it in accordance to the packaging.

Peel the onion and cut into fine stripes. Clean the champignions and quarter.

Melt the butter in a pan, add the salmon cubes and saute for few minutes from all sides. Salt and pepper to taste, then move the salmon to a bowl.

Use the same pan to sear the onion and champignions. Add the tomatoes and cook for ca 4 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and the honey. Let it cook for few minutes, add crème fraîche and the salmon to the sauce and stir.

Garnish the pasta and the salmon ragout with fresh basil leaves and serve.lachs ragout4

Chocolate cake

DSC_7943wsI don’t bake cakes very often. Somehow I got it in my mind that it’s not really my strength. I think it happened after I tried one yogurth cake which, after endless attempts, was still far from being well baked. Well, we all meet our nemesis one day, right? But contrary to that yogurth cake, there is one that never fails me. It’s this chocolate cake. To be honest I totally forgot about it. Until recently when I was looking for my old notebook, I found a carefully written recipe for this cake my friend has given me. And although I made it quite a few times since then, it neer lost its “mhmm” efect.

Preparation time: 10min    bake time: 25min       You need:

200g milk chocolate

6 eggs

100g sugar

80g plain flour

200g butter

2tbsp of sugar for the caramel

DSC_7854wsPreheat the oven to 200º. In a pan melt the chocolate with butter until soft. Set aside.

Beat the eggs and sugar in a bowl, then add the flour. Stir until smooth. Slowly pour the chocolate to the mix and stir. Pour the mix to a tart form and put in the oven. Bake for 25min.

Put the sugar in a pan and heat it up until it starts to caramelise. Using a spoon pour a little bit of the caramel, making forms you want, over prepared baking sheet or tin foil. Leave it aside to cool. When the caramel is firm scoop it and decorate the cake before serving.DSC_7936wsDSC_7924wsDSC_7947ws

Let’s talk about pasta!

DSC_7837wsPasta! Whether fussili, conchiglioni, penne, tagliatelle or spaghetti, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like it. I heard once an opinion that it’s an italian fast food, and true to that, it doesn’t take long to cook. It also comes in multiple variations- vegetables, chicken, minced meat or fish, tomato, cream sauce or something else. As something posh or when you don’t want to be bothered with cooking, the possibilities are endless. I think I could just go on and on. Intead I want to present you a little bit different way of how to serve a seemingly inconspicuous pasta dish in a way even Jamie Oliver would be proud of.DSC_7819wsIt serves 2.

250g tagliatelle or spaghetti

300g minced meat

4-5 big champignions (optional)

400g passata

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

1tsp thyme

1tsp cayenne pepper

parmesan or mozzarella


Cook the pasta according to directions on the packaging. In the meantime peel the onion and chop it, peel the mushrooms and cut in cubes. Heat a little bit of oil in a pan, add the onion and fry for a minute. Add the mushrooms, the minced meat and the spices and cook. When the meat is ready add the chopped garlic and let it cook on small heat for a minute. Mix well before pouring in the passata. Cook on small heat for few minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180º. When the pasta is ready, on a baking tray or a tart form, form 4- 6 pasta nests using fork. Make sure the middle is a little bit hollow. Divide the meat between the nests using a tablespoon, then pour the rest of the sauce over. Grate some parmesan and place the tray in the oven for 15min.

When ready, carefully place on a plate, garnish with more parmesan and basilikum and serve.DSC_78261DSC_7833wsDSC_7843ws

Sweet potatoes pancakes

DSC_7745ws1So, the January came. Happened only few days ago, but I already get the feeling it will pass by pretty fast. Luckily for us it started as painlessly as it gets. Getting back to reality after the break, on the other hand, is something different. But coffee can be a help here.

But whether you’re not ready to let go of the festive spirit or you’re already moved on, I want to present you these little potatoe pancakes. They are quite a thing here in Germany and probably the whole eastern Europe. They can be served with an apple mousse, sugar or with a sauerkraut. My variation however gives this old recipe a new light. Not only because I used sweet potatoes unlike the original recipe based on the normal ones.

Makes about 12 small pancakes. Takes ca 20min.

3-4 sweet potatoes

2 eggs

1 tbsp flour

1 tbsp lemon juice

pinch of salt

200g cream cheese

smoked salmon

handful of rucola

fresh chives

Peel the potatoes and grate on a grater with small mesh. Whisk the eggs and add to the potatoes. Mix well and add the flour and lemon juice.

Heat a little bit of oil in a pan and put a spoonful of the potatoe mix. Form a pancake form using a fork and fry about 1min from each side.

Garnish ready pancakes with a spoonful of cream cheese and stripes of salmon or rucola or both. Sprinkle with chive and serve.