Month: December 2015

Party inspiration- filled conchiglioni

The holidays have passed so quickly. It feels like we just got up from the table, said goodbyes to our guests, and there is already next celebration ahead. Champagne, fancy dresses, masks and balls, or celebrations in smaller circles of friends, or… Read More

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! May this holiday season sparkle and shine and may your wishes and dreams come true! Let’s enjoy the time spent with those who are most important to us and may we all be better, not only for Christmas!

Mushroom soup

Merry Christmas! Since yesterday in my kitchen reigns good known chaos again. The smells intersperse with each other, the sweet smell of the chocolate and gingerbreads and onions, mulled wine, fresh parsley and other spices. The sounds of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker coming from… Read More

Christmas pâté not only for vegan!

It is 4 days until christmas. The gingerbread cookies are already gone, the christmas tree stands tall and shiny. And I slowly check the content of the cupboards, so as not to be unpleasantly surprised when I’m in the middle of cooking… Read More

Christmas gift ideas from the kitchen

It’s about week before christmas. It’s the highest time to be ready with christmas cards and presents, if you want to avoid the christmas rush in shops. But I know from experience that the question what to get someone can be difficult…. Read More

Busy day? An idea for a quick dinner with a plum!

Some days can be pretty busy. Everyday life, appointments without end. And the feeling that the day lasts much longer than usual. The sun going down at 4pm isn’t really helping either. For those days I suggest the next recipe. It is… Read More

Something for the christmas menu? Try this meatloaf!

So the holidays are radpidly approaching. It’s slowly time to start ordering gifts or doing the gift shopping personally, to be sure to get everything on time. And it’s also time to start thinking about the menu! For those spending christmas with… Read More

First christmas cookies!

So the christmas spirit got also to me. Boxes with christmas decoration are already brought from the basement, I saw first christmas movie this year and the appartment also slowly looks more festive. Admittedly we stil hunt for the perfect tree, but… Read More

Veggie casserole!

I’m probably late again. Can’t really say why, but the first Advent caught me without the tree or any christmas decorations whatsoever. I have a feeling I’m the only one not talking about christmas yet. To my defence I can say I’ve… Read More